How to choose a carpet cleaning company online

Everyone wants to get hired. It’s as simple as that: even if you were a contractor of lackluster skill, you’d still want your schedule filled to the brim with clients. So how can you, as a customer, separate good companies from bad ones? Here are some tips on how to choose a carpet cleaning company online while knowing you went with the right people.

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Choosing a carpet cleaning company

Tip #1: Check out their website. It sounds about as basic of an idea as you could think of, but it works nonetheless: go on their business website and explore every corner of it. Is everything slick-looking and functional or is the site struggling? How much effort a company puts into their website is often a good indicator of how seriously they take themselves.

Tip #2: Use Yelp for your benefit. Yet another item on the list of obvious entries, using Yelp to your advantage shouldn’t come as a shock. Look for any user reviews of the company and keep an eye out on the profiles of said users while there. Make sure to read any review comments as well to get the best idea of who you’re thinking of dealing with. You can also use Angie’s List or other sites if the company in question isn’t all that popular on Yelp.

Tip #3: Look for details into their method. See if the carpet cleaning company makes one or more of their cleaning techniques apparent – maybe they posted up a tutorial video or simply a write-up on how they do things. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, don’t be afraid of Googling it and comparing the company’s knowledge and method with the results. In optimal cases, the carpet cleaning company should seem as well-versed and adept at dealing with the issue as any other resource online.

Tip #4: Look for promotions. Ascertaining the company’s credibility is a solid first step – now, you can focus on getting the best deal from them. Search online to see their advertisement and postings regarding discounts and similar deals. If they frequently give discounts and freebies, you’d do well to wait for one unless you’re in need urgent cleaning.

Tip #5: Test the waters yourself. Observing can only get you so far – nothing short of a phone call to the company’s headquarters will really clue you in on who you’re doing business with. Call the number presented on the company website and pay attention – whoever answers should be soft-spoken, outgoing and knowledgeable in various cleaning-related issues. A bad representative is representative of a bad company far too often – don’t overlook the most obvious signs and end up paying for it.

Tip #6: Speaking of pay, remember to ask about the company’s pricing during the early phone call, or even in an email query you performed on the site. A company looking to rip you off and get some extra buck will rarely provide a meaningful answer – consequently, a company worth doing business with won’t mind giving you an over-the-phone estimate. Remember that there are plenty of carpet cleaners to choose from on the web – there’s no reason to settle for a company failing some of the tests listed above.

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