What to ask an oriental rug cleaner before cleaning your rugs

Cleaning Oriental rugs is a fair bit different from running a piece of cloth through the wringer. In fact, it’s one of the most complex cleaning jobs that anyone can hope for – one that requires an expert present every step of the way to avoid fabric-related casualties.

Before opting for any Oriental rug cleaner, talk to each prospect over the phone and assess their knowledge and capabilities, or even consider visiting their headquarters for a hands-on look. The cleaner should look forward to chatting with a potential customer and answering any questions they could have – if the case is different, it might be indicative of a company with poor customer handling.

What to ask an oriental rug cleaner

Here are some things you can ask your Oriental rug cleaner to see if they are really who they claim to be.

  • “Is there any risk involved for my rug?” Let’s go ahead and make this the first question on the list. More than any other item you could clean, Oriental rugs are every bit as vulnerable as they are valuable. You don’t want to work with a cleaning company that’s unable to guarantee complete safety for your rug – every cleaner worth his salt will know how to avoid accidents even when cleaning the most delicate of rugs. Of course, cleaners will always want to dismiss your concerns, which is why you will also ask…
  • “Are you insured?” Let’s face it: your Oriental rug probably can’t be replaced. That being said, you should still ensure proper compensation if something should happen to it. Before handing it over to a cleaning company, ask about their damage control and how they intend to reimburse you should things go south.
  • “Can you tell me a bit about how you would clean my rug?” Showing or even just describing your rug to the company should give them a great idea of how to clean it for best results. Don’t hesitate to ask how by looking for specific explanations of techniques while making sure nobody’s trying to confuse you with big words. Ask about a before and after, too: the cleaners should be able to tell you exactly what you can expect after minimal contact with the rug.
  • “Have you ever had an incident while cleaning?” We’re all human, and accidents happen. Even the best slip up sometimes, but do you really want the next big slip to happen on your rug? As an honest contractor, the company you’re talking to is obliged to give you the details of their past mishaps – assess them and decide whether giving your rug to these guys sounds like a good idea.
  • “How long have you been doing this, anyways?” Sometimes, the simplest questions are also the most effective. On a good day, your Oriental rug cleaner will have plenty of experience working with specialty rugs and will have been in the game for at least a good couple of years before falling on your radar. Regardless of how long they’ve been doing work, always make sure that you’re talking to someone who specializes in Oriental rugs or, at the very least, has a lot of good history with them.

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