Where to find furniture deals online

When’s a good time to buy some new furniture? Whenever you can get a good deal, of course! Furniture counts among the most expensive purchases we make, which is why we’re often hesitant to buy it unless something really catches our eye. Well, what’s more eye-catching than a nice discount or another type of sweet deal? Here are some places where you can find furniture deals online on a regular basis.

Where to find furniture deals online

www.overstock.com: Being one of the largest online retailers, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Overstock features nice furniture deals fairly often. The site frequently lowers prices on furnishings from many different manufacturers: from half-price sofas to heavily-discounted chair-and-table sets, there’s a little something for everyone. Just make sure the variety doesn’t get you and you end up buying stuff you don’t even need!

www.target.com: No doubt a presence during each of your shopping sprees, Target has quite a few bargains offered on the main site. Many of them revolve around every kind of furniture you could imagine: chairs, tables, closets, cupboards, beds… The site boasts a 20% discount on many specialty items, which is true enough – however, with a bit of looking around, you can find quality items discounted by up to 70%. To make the deals even sweeter, the majority of orders are eligible for free shipping that can save you as much as $40 per shipment.

www.frontgate.com: For a top seller, Frontgate boasts a surprising amount of furniture deals and discounts every day. Their website even features a ‘deal of the day’ section where you can check out what’s being offered at (supposedly) the most attractive discount. Aside from that, there are the usual deals to choose from ranging from 20-60% off for a certain amount of time to flat price reductions. Since their daily deal usually involves a 50% price reduction, the page is worth bookmarking and checking often if you have a couple extra bucks to spare for some amazing additions to your home.

www.homedepot.com: The store in your backyard offers a lot of deals on furniture for every part of the home: kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage… Home Depot features a daily deal system similar to that of Frontgate although there’s even more emphasis on overall deals that one can browse through. With free shipping on most of the larger items and frequent half-price discounts, the Depot is as likely to satisfy your shopping needs as any of its competitors.

www.amazon.com: Great deals on Amazon? Shocking as the notion is, hear us out: being the top sales site on, like, the internet, Amazon has no problem offering nice furniture up at top prices or even discounts. The former is more pronounced than the latter: on Amazon, you’ll tend to have the easiest time finding an item’s best price, and the fact that the site is very easy to use and order from also helps. Keep an eye out for all the specialty deals, too: even something as simple as searching for the word ‘off’ or ‘discount’ in the furniture category of your choice could yield interesting results.

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